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A month of writing poetry

With April already behind us, we’re one third into 2017, which means we only have 66% of this year left to try and do something new and continue doing the things we know and love. Approximately, might be a 67% as … Continue reading

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New story on 365 tomorrows

Very quick post to finish this week and month just to tell you that I have a new story out today on 365 tomorrows. Yay! You can find Sunday Shopping Spree today on their front page and forever on their … Continue reading

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Out and about – a new story on 365 Tomorrows today

A funny thing happened today. I woke up thinking today would be just like every other Saturday, so I got up, had breakfast and carried on as usual. You know, hoovering, a bit of cleaning, preparing laundry loads and the like. I finally … Continue reading

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On rejections

Rejections. They suck, don’t they? No matter the reason or situation, a rejection is always a painful thing. Whether someone is ending a romantic affair with us or a prospective employer is giving us a negative response, rejections hurt all the … Continue reading

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My goals for 2017

We’re already one week into 2017 and I think this is the perfect time to reflect on everything that happened last year and think about what I want to accomplish during this one. Now the euphoria of the new year is gone, … Continue reading

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