Writing goals {April 2018}

Well, well. March was a month of epic failures as I didn’t fulfill any of the goals I had set to myself. And you know what? I’m okay with it. I still don’t know whether this is something good or the worst part of it.

I did write and I did read but somehow, my efforts deviated towards other ventures, leaving my writing projects (i.e. the novel-length story I wanted to write and my short stories) neglected. I think this is definitely a bad sign and perhaps I am not committed enough to my writing career. It is also true that a lot happened around here last month: my mam was here during the first week of March and we’ve been sick with tummy flu last week – and I was especially stricken, so I’ve been laying down for days not even able to hold a book and read. But even then, the sheer true is that sometimes I’ve been just lazy, besides exhausted.

Oh, well, as I said, I’m okay with it. I think all writers go through phases. There are those days and weeks and months when they can’t stop writing and then there days, weeks and months when they just can’t seem to put more than two words together. Isn’t it? At least I’d like to think it is this way.

April is here meaning that I (and you) get a chance to start anew again. Funny as things are, I wasn’t planning to do much this month. In fact, I’m not setting myself any goals other than writing – or sketching – a poem a day. Which is already something big. As you may already know, April is National Poetry Month (with national referring to the US), so it is definitely the time of the year to show some some poetry appreciation. and if you don’t have much appreciation to show, which is probably my case, there’s no better time to learn yourself a bit in this old versed art. Robert Lee Brewer shares daily prompts at his blog Poetic Asides so you can go and write poems too if you want. Or just read poetry. Or whatever you like. I already did it last year and even though I didn’t come up with a witty poem by the end of each day – some days the lack of inspiration left me empty handed – it was a fun thing to do.

So no goals this month, only one long task. And May will be similar, as I am planning to take part in the Story a Day challenge. But more about that later; let’s get down to this poetry thing first.

And what about you? What are your writing / reading / whatever goals for this month?


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