Writing goals {March 2018}

Bye-bye, February; hello, March.

I have rather mixed feelings about February, so I guess I can only be happy about March being already here. Another chance to start afresh. And time to make set myself some new goals for this brand-new months we’re starting today.

Last month was okay. Okay-ish, maybe. As usual, I didn’t write as much as I would have liked BUT I did managed to write, edit and submit a few flash stories, so all in all, I should be satisfied with what I did. Nevertheless, I didn’t fulfill my writing goals for February. In case you’re wondering about everything I didn’t do, I didn’t edit a short story that’s been waiting for me to do so since last year’s November, and I didn’t finish the short story I meant to write. But as I said, I finished a few other stories and started a a few more.

I don’t know, but I’m starting to think that if I’m failing month after month to finish writing or editing a certain story, maybe this is a sign that those stories are not so worthy. Or maybe they’re more complex and the ideas need more time to take form in my head … dunno. I’d love to read your opinions on this.

Anyway. Here we are again, with 31 days ahead of us to write, read, celebrate or sleep. Whatever it is that takes your fancy. For me, one of the things I want to do more is writing. I want to really try and write something everyday. Even if it’s just a sentence for any of my WIPs (works in progress, that’s it. I learnt that acronym last month and I love it). But this is too vague a goal and non-concrete, measurable goals certainly call for failure. So let’s break this down into something more manageable.

  • I have been thinking for a couple of months now about a story I really want to write. A longer story – nothing under 1000 words. After much sketching characters, drafting scenes and imagining the main features of that new universe, I think I am ready to tackle this project. So the ONE thing I want to do this month is to write, everyday, something for this story. Daunting, I know. I don’t aspire to end the month with a full first draft but let’s say that I am aiming for 15000 words. In March that’s less than 500 words a day.
  • I want to submit at least two short stories.
  • I want to read four books. Okay, there’s a bit of cheating in here because I am already halfway through two (The Fellowship of the Ring and a collection of Celtic tales) so what I really mean is that I want to finish those two books plus some other two.

And that’s it. Let’s do this.

And what about you? What are your goals for this month? What are you planning for March?

Have a cool March!


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