Writing goals {February 2018}

Oh my, January is already come and gone, way too fast I would say. But maybe that’s just me because I was on holidays for the first ten days of the month and it still took me nearly a week to get my bearings in this new year. Call it what you want, the harsh reality is that February is already here.  The nice side of this reality is that it is time to make some new resolutions for the month we’re starting today.

This year I took a brad-new approach to new years’ resolutions. Besides not really making any personal new years resolutions (okay, I set to read at least 24 books this year and I am hoping to travel to Malaga in June and Scotland later this year) I decided that instead of setting myself some magnificent writing goals for the year whose weight would drag me down month after month, I would break things down in smaller, more manageable chunks. So I came up with the idea of monthly writing goals. You guessed it. And not too original, I know.

Anyway, things have worked out rather good in January, in spite of time constraints. I wanted to edit and submit two flash stories I had written earlier this year and editing and submitting I did. Besides, a couple of cool things happened last month. First, I won Zero Flash’s December writing competition and was asked to be a guest judge at January’s competition and thinking it would be fun I said yes (I’m a total newbie at this but very, very excited!). And second, I had a new story published at The Astounding Outpost, which you can read here. Saving the Shamrock is very different from everything I have written until now but I really enjoyed working on it and I’m hoping you’ll enjoy reading it just as much.

So yeah, January was definitely a good month. I have already patted myself on the back and I am very looking forward to a busy and fruitful February. Let’s do this.

  • Even if I haven’t written as much as I would have like in January (time is always short around here these days), I finished another flash story which I would like to edit and submit, ideally during the first half of the month.
  • I am also working on the second draft of a short story I wrote last year. This is proving trickier than I thought to rewrite but I think I have spotted the problem. The thing is, it is a fantasy story set in a secondary world (kind of) and I think that this world needs to be developed more in order to better understand my character’s journey. So that’s what I’m planning to do in February as well.
  • And finally, I am hoping I’ll have enough time to complete the first draft of a short story I began writing in January. I only have a few disconnect ideas which, I hope, will converge into something worth publishing.

And that’s all, after all, February only has 28 days.

What about you? Have you set yourselves any goals for this month? Anything you would like to accomplish?

Have a productive February!


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