Short stories I read and loved in 2017

Well, well. I finally got to write this very short post with my favourite short stories from 2017. Many of them are flash and you can read most of them on the internet for free, so enjoy!

Paradise Regained, by Edward M. Lerner (Analog January/February 2017). Decisions, decisions – a lonesome human in an agonising planet has to decide whether to trust a machine and complete a certain procedure or not. To be honest, I don’t remember many details of the plot but I know I liked it.

A Singular Event in the Fourth Dimension, by Andrea M. Pawley (Asimov’s, March/April 2017). A poignant tale about a child robot who has to find its place in her expanding family.

Seven Permutations of My Daughter, by Lina Rather (Lightspeed Magazine, April 2017). The old conundrum of whether time travel can help us to change the past, only that this time the protagonist is jumping around different universes.

Carnival 9, by Caroline M. Yoachim (Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Issue #225, May 11 2017). Caroline M. Yoachim is one of my favourite contemporary writers. I really enjoy everything she writes and this was definitely my favourite short story of 2017. An teeny tiny doll with too much life in her faces the hardships of life. There’s loss and love, sadness and contentment, much like in real life.

Artist of Love, by JT Gill (Every Day Fiction, June 1 2017). A beautiful story about a father and the love for his son. Or daughter. I no longer remember the details.

The Seven Deadly Genes, by Candice Lim (Daily Science Fiction, October 2017). Again, another story about a mother and the love for her baby.

What I Told My Little Girl About The Aliens Preparing To Grind Us Into Hamburgers, by Adam Troy-Castro (Lightspeed Magazine, October 2017). And yet another story about fatherly love. I’m already spotting a theme in here.

I won at NaSuHeMo!, by Marissa Lingen (Daily Science Fiction, November 2017). Now, onto something totally different. This was a most absurd story, much like everything at DSF lately, but I had a good laugh while reading this one. And I haven’t even done a NaNoWriMo in my life.

And that’s all, folks. I told you that I hadn’t read too many short stories last year. My days were way too busy with a baby and toddler and I don’t think things will be much different this year. I will try, however, to read more short fiction. After all, that’s a great way to learn more about the writing craft.

What about you? Do you enjoy short fiction? Which were your favourite stories last year?

Have a lovely weekend!

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