What I read {June 2017}

I don’t know how this happened but June was a very lazy month and I didn’t finished reading a single book! What?! Yep, just like that. I am busy rereading Paradise News by David Lodge and nothing else. I didn’t read much short fiction either.

I was rather busy for most of the first half of June and quite exhausted during the second half and I didn’t even have the strength to pick a book and immerse into its worlds. It was also too hot for most of the month, mind you. So when I finally I felt in the mood for reading again, I chose a witty satire set in Hawaii to do a bit of armchair travelling – just what I needed to get me through that heatwave. I’ll write more about it next month, though, when I finally finish reading it.

Anyway, here are a couple of links you might find interesting. One is a short story I found utterly beautiful and the other is an insightful article about writers who do not seek fortune or fame. Food for thought, ha!

Artist of Love, by JT Gill (Every Day Fiction, June 1 2017)

What happens when a writer is not primarily interested in commercial success?

That’s all for June’s round-up. See you around next month and in the meantime, enjoy the summer.

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