Shaking up my writing routine

Last month wasn’t a particularly productive month as I wrote next to nothing. I was busy with a hundred other things and then some, so I had little time left for writing. Besides, my mind has been busy with a short story I’ve been working on since February. The first draft was written long ago and I even began to do some edits here and there. But I knew that something was still missing. There is definitely more to this story than what it looked like in the first place.

Despite the lack of time, I usually manages to steal a few minutes almost every day to get some writing done but this time was different. Yes, I did have those precious moments to write but I just couldn’t. Not that I couldn’t in a physical way; it was more like a psychological thing. Maybe it was the much dreaded writer’s block. Or not really. I think I was always fully aware of what was holding me back and it was that unfinished story. The characters lingered in my mind, asking me for a satisfying solution to their problem. But as much as I thought this over, I didn’t seem to be able to come up with anything worthy. And then it happened. One morning I woke up and saw the words I was missing very clearly in front of me. Or in my mind, anyway.

I spent last week away in a small village in the Swiss Alps and one morning I woke up and felt that urge to write again. I didn’t have my laptop with me, so I wrote my notes in a notepad and before I knew it, I had several pages outlining the scenes my story had been missing. And it wasn’t a one day thing. The next morning I woke up and continue working on that story, rewriting some scenes I already had. And the morning after I began writing down some ideas for a new story. And just like that, I was writing first thing in the morning every day during my holidays.


It is hard not to feel inspired when you wake up to this

Maybe it was the change o surroundings, maybe it was the feeling of rest that comes along with the holidays, or maybe it was really the fact that I figured out what my story was lacking. Whatever it was, I can only say that I was truly happy to be writing again. oh, did I miss it! Perhaps, it is a good thing to change things every once in a while so that we can look at things from a fresh perspective. Perhaps, shaking up our writing routine is a truly effective way to boost our creativity. I don’t know.

So up to you now, do you also have a writing routine to which you stick faithfully? Do you get stuck from time to time? How do you get your creativity flowing again?

Have a fruitful May!

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