A month of writing poetry

With April already behind us, we’re one third into 2017, which means we only have 66% of this year left to try and do something new and continue doing the things we know and love. Approximately, might be a 67% as well.

Last month I tried something new and wrote a poem each day as a celebration of National Poetry Month. Well, I should better say I tried to write a poem each day because I did not always succeed. Sometimes life got in the way of my writing, sometimes I didn’t feel inspired and some days I simply forgot. Anyway, it was fun.

I got this idea after reading this blog post by author Beth Cato and thought it might be an interesting thing to try. I have never been too fond of poetry, as I usually find it cumbersome and complicated to write and sometimes to grasp its ultimate meaning. Now, I must clarify something here. For some reasons, imaginary or not, I find it much more difficult to write a poem in Spanish (my mother tongue) than in English. It may be because free form poetry is more common in English, whereas Spanish poetry is more constrained by metric and rhyme. And conversely, I find it more difficult to understand English poetry than Spanish poetry. Again, this might have something to do with Spanish being my mother tongue … or it could be that English-speaking poets are wittier than their Spanish-speaking counterparts. I don’t know and I’m no expert either, so maybe you’d like to put your two-cents in here.

So, heeding the advice from Cato, I checked the daily prompts given at the Poetic Asides Blog and tried my wording at those. Sometimes they worked, sometimes they didn’t. But nevertheless, I am more than  happy that I managed to write a handful of poems which, in my humble opinion, are kind of decent for a beginner like me. To give you a taste, here’s one of them. I wrote that one on April 15th, just halfway through the challenge, and the prompt was to write a ‘one time’ poem. Let me know what you think …


This poetry binge

Might be a one time thing,

As the more I write, the more I notice

This ain’t easy for such a novice.

Rhythm and rhymes

Are not easy to find,

Yet I still haven’t failed

To pen a poem a day.

So who knows, maybe next year

I’ll be back around here.

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