‘It’s a boy’ and other things that happened in February 2017

I wouldn’t say that February was quite an eventful month, yet quite a lot has happened around here during the shortest month of the year. First and foremost, our second baby was born and it was a boy. Just like we did the first time, we decided not to find out the sex of the baby and played he guessing game instead. We were convinced it was going to be another girl but surprise, it was a boy this time. Funny, as the first time I was totally expecting a boy and was shocked when I heard it was a girl in the delivery room. ‘A girl,’ I screamed in disbelief but totally overjoyed. This time I modestly gasped, ‘a boy,’ when I saw the baby and was equally overjoyed.

And just like that we are a family of four now with all the stress and happiness that this brings. I haven’t felt overwhelmed so far but I’m sure that those moments will come when I feel that I’m not enough, not coping or not responding adequately. Sure the days are longer than long, nearly endless, but so far I’m enjoying every second of it. What can I say, a newborn is probably one of the cutest things on earth and we have been very lucky that his big sister, as young as she is, already likes him a lot. No sibling rivalries yet.

Baby #2 also made a late appearance so there was a lot of waiting in February. While I was busy with a hundred errands around the house, plus taking care of baby #1, plus hanging around with the relatives that came around to help, I still found a bit of time to do some writing and reflect on what I was doing wrong (and right) and learn some more. I managed to finished two flash stories in February which are waiting to be edited and rewritten some time later this month year. I also have a couple of unfinished stories which I’d love to end but as much as I have tried, I haven’t found the right words or fitting story arcs. Anyway, it’s a work in process.

I started this online course about how to write stories that sell and even though I haven’t gotten far, I’ve already learnt a thing or two that could come handy to improve my writing skills. Most importantly, I have learnt the importance of writing a first draft quickly and freely, even if there are all kind of mistake on it and the story is all over the place. Never mind, things should fall into place later, on the second, third and subsequent drafts. First drafts are intended to let the imagination run wild. This idea was also reinforced by Wonderbook: The Illustrated Guide to Creating Imaginative Fiction, a book on writing I’m currently going through.

I think this pretty much sums up my month of February, a month full of surprises and love. So, excuse me now as I am off to share some love with the newborn and the toddler. I might be back some time around here, but don’t expect much in the upcoming months.

Have a lovely March, you too!

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