Out and about – a new story on 365 Tomorrows today

A funny thing happened today. I woke up thinking today would be just like every other Saturday, so I got up, had breakfast and carried on as usual. You know, hoovering, a bit of cleaning, preparing laundry loads and the like. I finally sat down to watch some telly past midday – I know, midday  doesn’t sound like the right time to watch tv on a sunny Saturday but being past the 38th week now, this pregnancy is already taking its toll on me. To feel a little less guilty I decided to open my laptop and begin the edits on a story I finished writing last week. I thought it was a moment as good as any to check my mail and so I did and here came my big surprised. 365 tomorrows had accepted one story I had submitted earlier this month. Can you believe it? I still don’t.

So, drumroll, out today is my very first published story, The Renegade, which you can find today on the front page of the 365 tomorrows and indefinitely in their archives.

Hope you enjoy it – let me know what you think in the comments, either here or there.

Have a grand weekend!


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