Short stories I read and loved in 2016

A couple of days ago I posted a summary of the books I read and loved in 2016. Today I want to round up my review of the past year with a list of the short stories that I specially enjoyed reading last year. Unfortunately, just like I did not write consistently during 2016, I wasn’t a constant reader either. I read quite a lot during the first half of the year, then I had a nearly two-month hiatus and resumed my reading by the last quarter of the year, though I was reading more sporadically by then. Similarly, I did a lot online reading of short speculative fiction during the first half of 2016 and completely neglected those joyful and sometimes thoughtful reads during the second half. I should definitely try and be more constant this year.

Anyway. Without any further preamble, and again in chronological order, here’s a short list of my favourite stories of 2016. Also, a new year means a new awards season, so if you’re looking for some outstanding works eligible for this year’s Hugos, Nebulas or whichever award of your liking, these are some great stories to take into account.

  • We Will Walk Among the Gods, Among the Stars, by Caroline M. Yoachim and Tina Connolly (Analog Science Fiction and Fact, January/February 2016)
  • Seven Ways of Looking at the Sun-Worshippers of Yul-Katan, by Maggie Clark (Analog Science Fiction and Fact, April 2016)


Besides original fiction, a couple of reprints also made it to my favourites of 2016.

  • Hereafter, by Samuel Peralta (Lightspeed Magazine 2016, originally printed in 2014)


I hope you enjoy the works I’ve shortlisted as my favourites. And do not hesitate to share the stories which rocked your world in 2016 in the comments. I’d love to know about your favourites too.

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