Starting anew

Hi there. And welcome.

Welcome to My Life in Writing, a blog about both my life and my writing, as you have probably guessed. Last year I decided to treat my writing hobby a bit more seriously and try and improve my craft, and I even created a blog to keep myself accountable during this lifelong journey. However, halfway through the year I let go of my writing goals and fell behind. Long story short, I was too exhausted to write due to family commitments and I quit. Besides, I took a rejection badly and totally forgot about what I wanted to achieve by the end of the year.


Here I am, starting all over again, though I know already that this is going to be a busy year and I won’t have that much free time to dedicate to my writing ventures. But even then, I wanted to resume my writing career and continue keeping track of my many failures and hopefully the odd success every now and then. And that’s where a blog comes in very handy, so I decided to begin a new one from scratch, without many pretensions; just sharing some random bits about me. Besides the content related to writing and reading, I am also planning to blog my travel stories here.

In case you can’t wait till I write my ‘About Me’ page, here’s some info to fill you in.

My name is Irene and I’m a writer. Well, I’m trying to be. I was born in Tenerife (Spain) and I’m currently living in Switzerland. I graduated in Mathematics and Econometrics and I have worked many different kind of jobs here and there. Until now I’ve also lived in Belgium, the Netherlands and Ireland. Let’s see how many more adventures will come my way.

Hope you enjoy this blog and stay a while.



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